Metallothionein: Multifunctional Ingredient














Metallothioneins (MTs) were discovered in 1957 by Margoshes and Vallee and identified as low molecular weight and sulphydryl rich proteins of approximately 6500 Dalton with a composition of approximately 30% thiol-containing cysteine residues.

  •  The most potent antioxidant against a wider range of free radicals, including hydrogen peroxide and   lipid peroxides and the most active radicals: hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite - 800 folds more effective than Glutathione (GSH)

  • 50+ years of research,  over 10,000 scientific publications documenting

       MT2As efficacy in preventing or treating disorders:


          a. Parkinson - Alzheimer’s and other Neurodegenerative disorders

          b. Thyroid

          c. Asthma

          d. Heart

          e. Liver

          f.  Diabetes – Type 1 - 2

          g. Kidney

          h. UV skin damage

          i.  Muscle regeneration

          j.  Colorectal

  • When oxidation or injury occurs, MT is the first antioxidant to be released to

       combat oxidative stress

  • MT is the only scientifically proven human protein antioxidant to prevent diabetes and it complications.

  • MT plays a major role in protection against oxidative stress induced in mitochondria.

  • Metallothionein regulates intracellular zinc signaling and protect against apoptosis by distributing cellular Zn.


  • MT2a protein bind metal ions, scavenge reactive species, and respond to changes in intracellular redox potential


  • MT2a is a safe and natural means to help manage Diabetes and related diseases, with no known side effects.

  • MT / MT2a supplementation is required for general health, wellness and fitness in addition to helping stabilize blood sugar levels.

  • Produced as a liquid-soluble dry powder with a long shelf-life, MT2A is easy to store & transport.

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