Formosa HMT Biotech Ltd, established and registered in 2016, has developed a unique only patented approach process for mass production of the most potent human antioxidant, "Metallothionein", (regenerMT™ ), consist of 30% cysteine, 800 folds more effective than Glutathione (GSH), a naturally occurring super-antioxidant,that supplement and boost the body’s ability to defend against and reverse damage caused by oxidative stress.

Competitive Advantages

  • Developed and patented the only manufacturing process to grow human MT**or any MT in yeast via fermentation.

  • Only MT on the market

  • World's most potent antioxidant

  • Multifunctional molecule that work as a “Preventive”and“Treatment”for many disorders including



  • MT product verified

  • Functionality studies

  • Toxicity studies

  • Stability – stabilized at room temperature at 25°C

  • INCI name granted

  • IP

    • Taiwan patent granted

    • EU patent granted

    • China patent granted

    • USA pending

Chief Scientist – Dr. George M. Cherian


Dr. George M. Cherian, a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Western Ontario, Canada, has been a part of the Formosa HMT Biotech company since its infancy.

Dr. Cherian is a distinguished metal toxicologist with over 40 years of experience conducting research in Developmental Biology and Cancer Research.

Dr. Cherian received various honors throughout his career, including the Deans Award of Excellence for Research at the University of Western Ontario’s Faculty of Medicine (1994), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JSTA) Fellowship (1998), Lifetime Achievement Award from the United States Society of Toxicology (2005), and the Award of Distinction from the Canadian Society of Toxicology (2006).

Dr. Cherian has served on the review committee for various research grants, including as Member, Metallobiochemistry Study Section, National Institute of Health (U.S.) (1981-1985), Member, Environmental Health Sciences Review Committee, NIEHS, (U.S.) (1987-1991), Member, Environmental Toxicology Grants Review Committee, National Science & Engineering Research Council, Canada (1992-1995), NIEHS Superfund Review Committee (1994), and U.S. Army Grants Review Committee (1994).

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